A week under the Tuscan sun

Hey guys welcome back to my channel or if it’s your first time visiting my channel welcome my name is Bella papa and I am a 15 year old travel blogger opera singer actress so we just got to Tuscany we just had some lunch here at the hotel at their little restaurant and I had really yummy vegetable soup it was sort of a Tuscan style which I really liked it had beans and Tuscan kale and cabbage buongiorno so today we are headed to Lucca we spent the night right above Lucca we’re on a little hill so it’s about a 30 minute drive down to Lucca and then we’re gonna spend the night there and explore the town and the cute little cobblestone streets yeah we’re gonna head out right now so we are walking around Lucca right now walk around a little straining cobblestone and cute little buildings I love it so much and all these little bakeries and restaurants so we’re walking to find a lunch spot right now hopefully really good food and I’ll show you guys where we end up eating.

We are currently standing at a little table at a bar and Luka and then we just had a little snack at another restaurant and then tonight we’re going to dinner somewhere here in town and Luka is so beautiful all these buildings are so pretty and then tomorrow we’re thinking to head to Siena at a hotel where Letters to Juliet was filmed where they stayed in Tuscany so that should be just gorgeous and more country than so I just woke up from a little we went to lunch and then we came back because you’re feeling tired and we took a little nap and then now we’re gonna head to dinner which is actually right there because let’s be honest up and a really cool thing in Tuscany is this dish a traditional Tuscan soup that’s beans cabbage kale zucchini and all that so it’s really yummy so it’s a very hearty meat based soup which is really nice and I was just looking around our terrorists at this amazing view we have and I’m just feeling so grateful and blessed to be able to travel as much as my family and I do and almost 16 now to have the experiences and the knowledge that I’ve gotten to learn I’m just so blessed and I feel so grateful for that because I seriously I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now without going through all that and figuring out who I truly am and what I love doing like traveling fills me with joy I loved every moment of it I loved being able to who change the world for the better and inspire people and know that anything’s possible with people.

Hey you guys to be left there this morning I showed you guys we’ve got some coffee with my dad this morning and now we are in the outskirts of Siena staying at a beautiful little villa with beautiful views of vineyards and it’s amazing up here it’s literally like under the Tuscan Sun so I can’t wait to show you guys our property and our view and I’m so excited.

We just arrived at our property it’s bought ago scarf bed though surely this is actually where they filmed some of Letters to Juliet back there at one of those tables so it’s gorgeous just so green full of them very pretty I love it so far  hey guys who just checked into our villa and we are staying in this 3-bedroom they love right on property so it’s separate building from the actual hotel but we have a beautiful garden and chairs and a view and apparently in the morning you can see a wild boar and deer outside so I’m perfectly fine with seeing them from behind glass so that’s gonna be fun and then in my room I have a little kitchen which makes me so happy because you guys know I love having my own food and like my snacks and stuff so I have like my bananas and a squash and some beans oh I’m very happy and my mom’s doing a little video.

So this property is bought go scope methode relay and it’s very pretty they have such an amazing property and we actually found out about this property because of letters to Julia so they actually came to this property in the movie and stayed here for a while so it’s just beautiful and exactly what you imagined Tuscany to be like with the rolling hills and the green and the vineyards ft hey guys so we are in Siena we just drove down from our little villa and we’re gonna explore the town and grab some lunch and then later this evening we’re headed to Cortona Tuscany which is a town that we spent some time in before eight years ago yeah hey you guys we just arrived in Cortona Tuscany and we actually found the villa we stayed in eight years ago so we’re checking in right now and it’s amazing than just all the flashbacks of the memories we made on this property it’s beautiful I’ll give you guys a little tour later on actually chickens.

So we just went to LA back atcha and they’re fully booked for all night and for a few days but my dad actually got reservations for tomorrow night so right now we’re walking to a restaurant near that theater here called something the Astro so we’re gonna eat there and we’ve actually eaten here before also eight years ago we just got these oven roasted onions that are cooked in a pouch with herbs and they are so good and then these beans so everything is local to this region my dad has cantina which is also raised in gianna Valley here in Tuscany and I got grilled veggies beans and potatoes roll good morning so it is our first morning here in Cortona we are right now we’re exploring our Villa property checking out the grounds we saw some horses this morning on our run and later today we’re going to go back to Cortona the old town and walk around the streets and then tonight we’re having dinner at that restaurant I told you guys about the LOB with gotcha so yeah we’re checking out the property right now.

So we’re walking through there little olive grove right now and the trees are just getting their olives in and I’m not sure if these are going to be green forever I think so these are green olives but if you can see they’re so little and so cute [Applause] [Music] hey guys so we are eating at a one-star mission is not just up the hill from our Zilla it’s called you about community and it is very deliciously shaven freshman black truffle that spilled on top and oh my gosh it’s amazing.

So as I told you guys we just had lunch at a one-star Michelin restaurant here in Tuscany it was ill Falconeri which is the person and they were totally accommodating to my gluten-free needs such delicious dishes that I will remember for a long time and you can’t beat this view so it’s a great lunch experience and now we’re gonna go back to our villa.

Good morning you guys so it is Tuesday morning here in yesterday it was freezing and it rained all day and it was thunderstorm and all of that so it’s kind of fun and then today we’re actually headed to Rome so we’re gonna spend the night in Rome go to the Colosseum the Trevi Fountain see all the beautiful spots and then tomorrow we fly back to Los Angeles for a little bit and I have so much beautiful content to get up for you guys and helpful tips so I’m really excited just get my head into work when we get home and get all that exciting stuff up and right now we’re just walking around the property one last time you it was amazing to come back after eight years and stay here again we fell in love at this time just it’s truly truly a special place in this world.