Greve In Chianti and Montalcino in Tuscany

Beautiful people see you. I just talked the video here in the room we are leaving florence let’s run by tam I mean today showing the butt dig where is k [Music] white wine we rented the car here at the local company name but we played by the carlson network close the link below for you also do the quotes in locar and the car in case you do not pay 500 reais for two days [Music] because here is the Italian is very intense and he buzzes a lot in the traffic in our coast hunter the state is not because the guy is going to see the guy was on the wrong side he wanted to turn to the right was on the left and then the Italian is sure to bee honking in 100 meters before and horn and this time he honked was strong but they should still be more in the morning then traffic is quiet we are using the laser to get around here in Italy.

Is entering where the Alentejo regional road also known as SP 222 road regional er 222 or that I did not ask for the spaic soccer in the gnt, when leaving the goal leave to your left, already we arrived at strike in that we are very quickly to take it to the 20 minutes there now we are going to walk 19 minutes 20 minutes inside strike that before and there you already get times in several restaurants already city or middle or middle is on the road on the highway but né the banks you can go to the olive plantations vignettes you can enter the bodybuilding hour until mirante ecotourism, look this is the meeting point here of the residents of strike that before also in the tourists because here in the square it deals with the market where everything happens and today Saturday so today it is having that faith in here it is generally empty the population taken of marquinhos and you can not see very well but it is taboo.

Look here has this tourism and pedal to drink wine visit the vineyards there I will but will be going to fight alone to be clear that yes it is very practical, the memory here inside has come the company has no cheese has pasta has truffles has everything everything you can imagine this place here is super old supertraditional from when she 1860 know if a joke 300 year is an ancient relic materia lorne I found the domain of the attack in 12 né on average the incredible is very tasty let’s see if it has what is classic type is what the longest it is that tite is the land of course because it is one of the most appreciated and known wines around the world and I wanted you to stay said the intense smell smell of the president of the smell of cold cheese is very tasty and talked about is there happy life.

I think it is collected she picked up the personal password that for so long. we buy nothing card with her passes the card puts the value you want and I came here and check out the champion 2 and 21 to try fell here a little bit are montalti problems in her joão cox boss you, the road is very different because so the choice very dense is an invention nothing of wine to speak so I know what is tasty and the library football he knows we do because it is from the box that is a lot of 50 prove that you are proving that the owner plus you spoke to new brand to you is, we do here everyone decree rock picked up and 540 is conducive to work are the cheeses there and it looks like son that is classic from 1995 and here we have a wee that luís adora is alive order better mediano to kiss not going to travel, called ready to go away we arrived here in the vineyard may you can stay that the motel is also restaurant you can do wine tasting can do visit to the winery such.

Here is everything I ever imagined from Tuscany that beautiful party that we have to look for general at the time the money of blue whites all well organized, and here the most interesting that this village that this house was where monalisa would have lived with the family this region here was owned by the family of monalisa gerard family and they tell me that the internal structure of this small palace here with the same period of the renaissance outer area has already been reformulated but here those parts that are seeing internal are all the time of the renaissance that view that would have been painted in the painting of leonardo da vinci’s mona lisa would have stayed either in the window of her room that is here in this building or up here on the balcony and painted plain mona with that background here look like that is mysterious of a girl, is very cool the explanation of it and we learned that it is this tool had to look at their kittens in safe barrels they serve the villain the said date air sites in but it also contains water so do not let the outside air comes in contact with wine and down began before the episode that gives a good team what before of classic no.

Then we will have the wine tasting and we will not have a course with that vision and almost 500 the lunch is sensational was an experience very tasty you know other people try important wine wines from the kirin amadio and the dessert well with a sant end and saints from distant is like a liquor is a delight also the price we paid was 59 euros per person to make the mtur and there is more wine deposition and more lunch. I went out with dodói [Music] and then love that came we bought a list 27 euros by mona lisa there is no way to come new that legend of the victim analysis in taking monalisa he is worried about the weight of the bags fluence not fit I take before we follow travel, it is important that someone shouts or at least to understand that here you can of 0.5 of some here as I do not know how much is zero old so do not decide just give one in the picadinha paste for the experiment you can have several wines produced here in that before but the one that I understood classic he has to obey some rules and gave meant sign that they show that line because it is that classic and what anticlássico teté at least 80% of a sandy ubs it needs to stay at least a year maturing to be consumed reserve.

Symbol of one than before the classic is here 3rd the black cock the black cock appeared there at the time of the Renaissance when Florence and Sienna wanted to end the wars between the two Israeli cities was to make a competition between two knights who were to leave their cities as soon as the rooster crowed there the Florentines many sluts pick up a black rooster put him locked in fast in the dark and on the day of the contest the rooster left desperate already singing and thing and such before dawn is the knight already can leave the forest town and get air to run and it only stopped running 20 kilometers before reaching vienna ie the territory of florence got much bigger than the territory said ana so so the legend of the black cock black cock and argentines were many smarties not well this story then the black rooster than the old class, of tomorrow river on hill to pray in.

Is delighted to keep there hill should you a gorgo that has a cap and my goals they are fat a center a small center inhabited then so today I think that live here less than 100 people or more resilient another and one of the illustrious inhabitants of the aunt long time in the afternoon brings the hubble a century ago was Amerigo Vespucci who was the same that gave name to America, is Sunday is more is the light tourist who I am that only at the time of writing, a day after we make sure that I did not even speak with near the highway are the houses the buildings accentuated the door and hotel garden only those who already not much had suddenly you leave the highway type only has neco in money came from fear to itv already seems a house on your side, I think we are seeing here the sunflower only he is already upside down than the sun is gone but look the size of it I wanted to take a picture and you can see the head please, people who see more in it’s care but I’m not a flower they will come here they have the sunflowers and she speaks It is serious this way that gives access to the mounts the team is full of fields of sunflowers and then we were coming and I showed them to you, the days are all gone already at the time I started the low we found this one that they are more or less not wanting to bow our heads is not that are to the direction was our direction Nederland was able to assert to the car to the car that I want to take a picture here is very lovely let’s take out just before they lower fetal love.

We come to ride a tyrant we can not enter the city with the car that exists that ztl dante for a parking here is outside the wall of the city and we will park here an hour 1 and sits at least an hour and a half that is 80 cents more for half an hour and then when you put the pennies here you have to squeeze the green to get out the ticket and you put on the luiz car dashboard was putting it on the dashboard already using the facebook to love wisco the afternoon excuse you planned looks every day that does not have club. I think it was a day that we will not climb the ladder of the day list to climb, adapted gené and finally we arrived in montalti in the city of brunello double in it’s city brunello what is one of the most appreciated wines also in the whole world always grape plantations here around the city of the earth that is very good for the grapes sangiovese grosso the brunello of montalcino is 100% of that grape so we even tried to make a visit in biondi santi that is true official to the inventor of double melo but not long ago the French bought the winery and now only me who works with wine trade is that it can enter there beyond site then the people will try the brunello around here.

Every day wine is a letter that only has brummel is because it has several wineries that produce the honey back to the team so the wine list is bruno delbonnel brunella that several houses fmi advanced to cm joão brunello come back in the chalice nations of 2013 and coupe a distant who was the creator of the panel is the most expensive john silva has another bottle of the team for 91 and 120 euros and there goes varying up to 9 thousand and 10 thousand euros does not have no limit in the season since the babies of bravel production wonderful import tariff of Tuscany.

We’re already on ho tel endadinhas né after an intense day was very cool that day so let’s go meco laughter strike poll can not miss a theory spoke arn sensational that was more worth it from there and the term and worse there to know a little of the history leonardo da vinci passed by ali Amerigo Vespucci is also a sensational medieval little town very cute full of alley full for you to take beautiful pictures amadio vineyard is worth well worth the mtur to know a little more of the wine is worth the tasting than to know that mona lisa lived there I believe I prefer believe that she has lived there and you ride soaring to know the city of brunel the wine is sensational we can say that it is a little bit but if you have with the same itinerary as our final value of the afternoon it is amazing to see the tuscan sunset up there we loved it and luiz also loved to travel driving on the roads full of curves of the cane it is worth renting a car yes it is because né the wines s the everyone is separated one from the other then if you are in doubt rent a car not to travel in Tuscany it’s worth the roads are beautiful you drive slowly then you’re going to enjoy it we know we’ll sleep if it’s here the room is very cool the hotel super well located and has a detail that I will explain in the next video that is the case of ctl that the zone of unlimited traffic I have is out of this zone thank god in the next video explains a little better about it too Okay, let’s finish a video here a kiss I hope you enjoyed this day and until the next 21.